Voyager Legend Charging Case

Charging the Plantronics Voyager Legend on-the-go

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Micro-usb > Proprietary Charging

My main criticism in my Plantronics Voyager Legend Review was due to the proprietary charging plug. The Voyager Legend Charging Case solves this issue and provides a couple of benefits. The Charging Case’s internal battery can recharge the headset twice. This may not seem that impressive at first unless you consider how long the battery lasts. A charge on the headset equates to roughly seven hours of talk time, so the case adds an additional fourteen hours of talk time. It’s also much easier to find a micro-usb plug to supply power to the case than hoping you can find the proprietary charging cable.

The Voyager Legend Charging Case Keeps it Simple

The Charging Case is simple and pretty straightforward. It features an internal battery, connector for the headset, a micro-usb plug, a status button, and indicators for the battery levels. Battery levels are displayed and color-coded light flashes. Red flashes (1–3) indicate a how low the battery is, and blue flashes (1–3) indicate how well charged the battery is.

Build Quality / Value of the Charging Case

While the case looks visually pleasing, it’s not entirely practical. The outside of the Charging Case scratches very easily, and it’s really apparent on the semi-transparent lid. It seems pretty cheaply made.  At ~$25, I expected something a little more refined. Overall though, it’s been worth it in the long run. I absolutely hate talking with my phone against my face! The Voyager Legend Charging Case has saved me countless times.