Plantronics Voyager Legend

Review After 1 Year of Daily Use

 |  Updated May 12th, 2018
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Image of a Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset Expectations

I’ve been through my fair share of bluetooth headsets. The most common problem I’ve noticed is microphone volume / audio quality. I’ve been on both ends of this scenario, and it often becomes more trouble than it’s worth. When I first considered purchasing a new headset, this was my primary concern. I wanted to be able to utilize my headset instead of adding frustration to either side of the equation. After reading many positive reviews, I decided to purchase the Plantronics Voyager Legend ($59–$99).

Strengths of the Voyager Legend

I find the headset to be extremely comfortable and I usually wear it all day. The Voyager Legend is extremely good at canceling out background noise, and I found this to be surprising considering the price-point. While it isn’t a bargain-level product, there are certainly more expensive options available. The headset is great at filtering out ambient noise, traffic, and wind from the microphone. I wish the headphone went a tiny bit louder, but it has plenty of volume in normal environments. Hands down, it has the best audio quality of any headset I’ve ever used.

Headset Durability

Since I’ve used my headset everyday, I’ve dropped it, dropped things on it, knocked it off of things, and accidentally stepped on it. It’s held up great, and I have absolutely no complaints. I’ve never completely submerged it in water (probably not the best idea), but it’s been through heavy rain with me. Compared to other bluetooth headsets, the Plantronics Voyager Legend feels nice and solid.

Image of a Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset and Charging Cable

Headset Battery Life

The Voyager Legend definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of battery life. Over a year later, the battery still functions great and I’ve never had any issues with it. I get consistent performance and talk-time between charges, which leads me to my only real criticism. My biggest pain-point with the Voyager Legend is due to the proprietary plug. I’m not sure why Plantronics didn’t simply use a micro-usb (or even an Apple Lightning). Plantronics does make a Voyager Legend Charging Case (~$25) reviewed here, and a Voyager Legend Desktop Charging Stand (~$30).

Overall Thoughts on the Plantronics Voyager Legend

I’m happy with this headset, and I plan on using it until I completely wear it out. While I dislike proprietary connections, it has a lot of great things going for it. I enjoy the “Call Announce” and “Voice Answer” features. I’m also able to dial contacts in my phone (Android / Google Assistant) and send text messages. You can find more information and hear sample audio from the Plantronics Voyager Legend on their official website.